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What do we want to achieve?



What is happening with PE, Sports and Clubs this year?

What do we want to achieve?


  • Ensure all pupils receive at least 2 hours of high quality curriculum PE per week
    Increase the percentage of pupils participating in…
  • Volunteering and leadership activities across KS2 to 30%;
  • Lunchtime physical activity programmes to 75%;
  • Extra curricular activities to 75%,
  • Organised competitions and events to 75% for KS2 pupils,
  • Elite/G&T activities - intra and inter school/county
  • Ensure all KS2 pupils achieve the mid-attainment standard in swimming.
  • Achieve the School Games - Gold Award
  • All KS1 and KS2 pupils have access to high quality enrichment activities


    We will ensure: 

  • All pupils have access to high quality PE and Physical Activities during curriculum time.
  • Pupils have access to high quality PE and Physical Activities through extra curricular activities - before school, lunchtimes and after school too!
  • Pupils have access to outdoor and adventurous activities including residential visits End of KS1 and KS2 (Beaumanor for Year 2 and Manor Adventure for Y6).
  • We increase the number of children representing our school through inter, and intra school competitions -  we can participate and compete alongside our friends at Whissendine, St Nicholas  and Ketton. Termly sports festivals have already been mapped out across the year for different groups of children. 
  • We will increase our elite representation - at school and county level. 
  • We have a coordinated calendar of events - for each year group across the year.
    These build on the excellent work from last year by Mr Chand.  We have already created a comprehensive action plan and schedule of activities - PLEASE REFER TO THE ATTACHMENT below and the SCHOOL CALENDAR
  • We provide young children with a variety of leadership roles within school. Pupils to have the opportunity to be role models and mentors to younger peers and can take part in a Sports Leadership Programme.