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Mrs Ford's Rags to Riches Challenges

Mrs Ford’s From Rags to Riches enrichment


My enrichment is craft based (of course) and aims to make lovely things from items you will have around the house or things you would otherwise recycle. Click on the icons above to choose a craft to try!


You will need the following items - 


Most weeks: sharp scissors; Pritt stick (other stick glues are available)/runny glue; Sellotape; something for tying - string/wool/thin gift-wrapping ribbon; felt pens/Sharpies; rubber bands if you have them


Start to collect: coloured packaging including labels from tins; a cereal box, a colourful magazine that you don’t mind cutting up; coloured crisp packets and the foil that tea bags come in; an old sweatshirt that you don’t mind cutting up – an old school one would be perfect, lighter colours will work better; some sort of soft stuffing – the inside of an old pillow or cushion, cut up tights or part of the sweatshirt; rice/dried lentils/dried beans;  a small plant pot or old unwanted mug, a plastic milk carton with a handle – any size will do. 


REMEMBER Please do not use or cut up anything without permission from an adult.


If you are out for a walk you could gather up some fir cones, sticks and bits of dry moss. These are not essential as that week will have a choice of two makes.  You may already have stickers that you could use on the items as well, but they are not necessary.


Happy crafting days ahead!