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Sports Day 2017

Thank you to Year 5 for their reports on Sports Day


During the morning on 13th July, an amazing event happened at Langham Church of England School. Key stage 2 sports Day took place. From obstacle races to beanbag throws, Langham School had fun from the start all the way to the finish. In our house teams Lonsdale, Ruddle, and Ranksborough, we are all competing for the sports day victory. With a whopping third came Ruddle, an amazing second came Lonsdale and with an outstanding first place came Ranksborough. We all want to say a massive well done to all the children who hopefully went home with a big smile on their faces. And a special mention to all the children who came in the top three. Thank you to all the parents for cheering the kids on. You were a true sport! And of course, a huge thank you to the teachers and helpers. Mrs Coughlan and a few of the year five pupils help to sell refreshments towards their tuck shop in year six when they go on their Manor adventure trip. Mrs Coughlan reported "I was very surprised by the amount of teas and coffees sold. The weather played a big part in helping sell refreshments as it was quite cold and people would want to warm tea!" Altogether Langham raised £171! Well done to everyone.


Elysia, Year 5


Yesterday was sports day, an opportunity to show off young sporting talent. At Langham School, the houses are Ruddle, Ranksborough and Lonsdale. Now here's a quote from winning obstacle race champion Jamie Barnett of Ranksborough "You feel nervous at the start because you don't know if anyone is confident but when you cross the line you feel ecstatic" Ranksborough did win but everyone had a great time and we raised £171.


Isaac , Year 5


Thursday, 13 July 2017 was amazing because it was key stage 2 sports day! In my opinion it was the best one yet! We were divided into our house. Houses: Lonsdale, Ruddle, and Ranksborough.


First up was the obstacle course: you have to go in a hoop and take it off your head, then you have to go through a net and finally you had a little hoop to put on your head and run to the finish line. Then we had a 75 metre sprint.


Then we had break time, which was amazing. After break time we had some games like basketball, beanbag throw and distance throw. At the end in third was the fascinating Ruddle, in second place was lovely Lonsdale and in first place amazing Ranksborough. Ooh and I can't forget the EPIC £170 that we raised for our Manor adventure trip well done!


Sara, Year 5


Yesterday was key stage two sports day and it was amazing. There were races after races, winners after winners. This fantastic event took place at Langham School. There were three track events and the distance run was optional. The parents were really nice to us and supported us all the way to the end. The field events for basketball dunk, beanbags throw and distance throw. All the key stage 2 pupils were competitors in our houses Ruddle, Ranksborough and Lonsdale. The teachers added up the points and then told us the result. Ruddle came third, Lonsdale second and Ranksborough won.


Hannah, Year 5


On Thursday, 13 July at Langham School, all key stage two were there and we had sports day, it was amazing!


First we did the obstacle race, secondly we did the Sprint and all the adults joined in. Next, we all did the field events there was basketball, distance throw and last of all the beanbag throw.


All key stage two had a truly epic day. It started at 9:30 and ended at 12:15 -Thank you for an amazing day play leaders in my opinion it was the best one yet. There was a funny part where a man named Scott got stuck in the net but kept on running with the net dragging behind him, it was really funny. At the end of all three teams Ranksborough won. It put a smile on my face.


Isla. Year 5



The sports day of 2017 went brilliantly lots of parents showed up to watch the children compete. Some of the events were the basketball throw where your house group to score as many baskets as possible, next was the beanbag throw and on this event your team had to throw a beanbag into a hoop. There were three hoops, first hoop was one point, second hoops were two points and the third hoop was three points. Now to the races. We had three types of race, obstacle, sprint and long distance. Some of the people who won the obstacle race Sam, one of our year five's and Jamie another year five. Now for some sprints winners, Alfie and William. After that we had a parents and visitors race.


Connor Year 5


Super sports day! Yesterday key stage two had one truly epic day. Everyone participated in activities from long distance to field events such as a beanbag throw and many more. I interviewed the winner of 75 metre sprint Neve Roberts this is what she said "How did you feel when you're 75 metre sprint?” "It felt great because I had beaten my personal best time, I was so proud." “Who are you against and how did they have great team spirit?" "I was against Elysia, Florence and Immi, they all said well done at the end and shook hands.” “Thank you Neve, she definitely had a great day!” Next I will give you a quick recap on the 500 metre long distance race – “on your marks, get set, go and they're off at the front for the boys was William and for the girls was Florence, but going down to the finish, the winners changed The winner for the boys was William and for the girls was Elysia. But the main thank you is to all the parents who baked the fabulous cakes so that Langham could raise £170, isn't that amazing? I hope all your children went home with a grin on their faces.


Florence, Year 5


On 13 July 2017, Langham Church of England primary school had their key stage two sports day. It took place on the field, in the morning, from 9:30 until 12 o'clock. We must thank parents, family and friends for coming and supporting the children in many ways. Also anyone who helped with the refreshments, we are very thankful for, because we raised £171 for the year fives Manor adventure trip when they are in year six. It was a very successful morning.


Freya, Year 5