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Welcome to

Langham CE Primary School

Religion and World Views, Collectice Worship, Celebrations and SIAMS page

Collective Worship 2023-24 Terms 1 and 2

Collective Worship 2023-24 Terms 3 and 4

Collective Worship 2023-24 Terms 5 and 6

We are proud to be a good (great!) school.


What our Siams report dated 5th December 2019 says about us:


Langham promotes its Christian vision effectively, cultivating a strong sense of family based upon love. The academy articulates this vision replicating the example of Christ as a shepherd caring for the sheep, where none are forgotten or lost. Everyone is valued as a consequence of this vision and so pupils and adults become one flock at this happy academy.


Collective worship and religious education (RE) considerably extend the academy’s loving vision so that the academy is most inclusive and celebrates diversity in people, faith and communities.


The aims of the MAT and the academy’s vision dovetail well.


The academy’s Christian values are shaping pupils who express a definite sense of right and wrong. Where things do go wrong in relationships, pupils are appropriately supported in making moral decisions and considering forgiveness and reconciliation where necessary.


Comments from our Diocesan School Consultant reports:


Today’s worship included a joyous entry to the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ song. Spring 2022


The pupils were very proud of their RE books and spoke enthusiastically about the subject. They enjoy approaching big questions like: ‘How can following God bring freedom and justice?’; ‘What I think it means to be a Sikh in Britain today.’; ‘Why do some people think life is a journey?’. They believe that RE has an impact on their thinking as they consider freedom and why different people believe in different ideas. They value learning about different religions and world views so that ‘we can respect others’ and ‘know how they worship. Autumn 2022


The nativities around the world, supported by the pupil worship leaders from Y5, was a great success. The trail included collecting letters to make ‘nativity’ words (this was suggested by the pupils) and culminated in arriving at a darkened room where, when the light was switched on, there was beautiful nativity scene. The pictures used for the trail showed carefully chosen nativity scenes from all around the world with thought provoking symbolism (for example, one picture showed hands above the Christ child and a pupil said, ‘Those are the hands of God’). The pupils want this trail to become a tradition as it was so inspiring. Spring 2023


There is so much to celebrate at Langham Summer 2023



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